The most deliberate, planned, and structured programming for your gym.

Three different workout levels for each WOD for the best personal adaption for each unique member.

We provide all the tools for an excellent group class, so that you can focus on other parts of developing your business.

Each workout contains a session plan, giving you in detail a warm-up, main part, coaching points, exercise guide, the goal of today’s session and a time management plan.

Our main goal is to develop a programming which suites everyone. Independent of working out 2 or 5 times per week, the workout should make you better and more fit

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The programming is done by Joakim Rygh and Magnus Haugan with feedback and suggestions from the coaches in the Wolfpack Training team.

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1500 NOK / Month

150 EUR / Month


Beyond the whiteboard is included free of charge for all members at your box.

Beyond the whiteboard is a simple yet powerful tool which allows member to see workouts, track progress and log their workouts.

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