Pre WOD:

A, Power Clean:
8 set*1 Clean Pull+1 Power Clean

80%+ of 1 RM Clean (Build up for todays heavy)

B, 3 set*1 Clean Pull 112%+ of 1 RM Clean


A, Front Squat:
4 sets: 2-2-2-ME rep Front Squat at 91%

B, 4 sets with no rest in between:
3 min Amrep:
8 Shuttle Runs (2*7.5 m)
15 meter Kettlebell Single Arm FR Walking Lunges 1*24/16 kg
Max Burpee Chest to Bar Pull Ups

Post WOD:

Core 1B:
3 Rounds:
26 sec L-sit
30/30 sec Side Plank
26 GHD Sit Ups