After a training period where the focus has been on building work capacity on both strength and endurance we´re now moving into a block where the goal is to make us stronger in the Squats, Deadlift, Pull Up and Press movements. 

The block will last for 8 weeks and at the end of the block we will test our 1 RM to see what progress we have made.

For the Squats we will follow a high frequency Squat Program where we do the movement 2-3 times a week where the first 4 weeks mostly focusing on working between 3-6 weeks while for the last 4 weeks we will be doing many heavy sets between 1-3 repetitions where the goal is to get more used to heavy weights. 

During this block we will be doing heavy pulls from the floor twice a week, using the Deadlift, Power clean and heavy Clean and Snatch Pulls. Similar to the Squats we will start from a higher rep range and work our way down to heavy singles here. For the deadlift we will work both on restart at the bottom and TNG lift. The reason for this is that we want the lift to carry over both to 1 RM and to us getting better at handling heavy Deadlift in a CrossFit Metcon.

For the upper body we will keep a high variation between movements. For Press the goal is to increase the strength in both the strict press, bench press and our Dip. For Pulls we will vary between heavy Pull ups, Barbell Row and ring rows in different angles.

Note that we will follow a linear progression for all movements so if you miss a week you should be ready to go down a few percentages. In addition to programming percentages we will also write how many reps in reserve we´re looking for which will make it easier for you to regulate the weight depending on the day.

Pre/Post WOD or only Daily WOD:

The most important part when deciding how much you´re going to train during the upcoming block is how much training you can do with the highest possible quality. As soon as the quality of the session goes down. Chances are that you get more out of cutting the session and start to recover for the next one.

We will have the most important strength sessions of the week in the daily wods but if you´ve been training for a couple of years and know that you´re an athlete that needs higher volume to get the results you want you should consider to first adding the Post wod to your program and if you still need more also adding the Daily Pre WOD 

Kriger Workouts:

The feedback from most gyms following Wolfpack Training on adding 1-2 Kriger workouts a week has been positive and we will continue doing this for the following training block. You can see the attached picture for what days it will be included during the week.

Color Coding:
If you´re training 2 days or less a week you should always try to push the intensity and make sure you’re working at a high heart rate. The problem of going hard every session if you´re training more than twice a week is probably that you will get taxed from the training and not be able to push the intensity as hard as you would if you just choose 2 days to push it.

To make it easier to know when you should prioritize intensity and when you should prioritize moving efficiently, we have attached a color code for every session where red is the tough sessions, yellow is medium intensity and green is easy effort. Note that this only applies if you´re training more than 2-3 times a week and every session is possible to push for intensity.

We´re looking forward to following your progress during the upcoming block. If you have any questions on how to optimize your program you can send an email to

PS. Tomorrow Coach Magnus Haugan will post a new article on different measures you can take to get the most out of this strength block in regards of sleep, food, supplements etc