New training Block- Capacity Ninja

Before writing this block we turned to the box owners and head coaches that follow Wolfpack Training and got a lot of good feedback that we have taken into consideration for both this block and the training block following. Here are two improvements we´re doing right away:

  • Beyond The White Board:

From now on we will add all levels to Beyond The Whiteboard so that you can log the version that you´re doing no matter if it´s level 1,2 or 3.

You can also see that we have added Focus Points and Movement Guide in Athlete Notes so that you can better prepare for the workout

  • More variations between Amraps and For time

While amrap is the best way for us to guarantee that we get the right amount of high intensity minutes per week, we will do a better job in the future to have more varians in both time domain and Amrap,EMOM and For Time workouts.

What to expect for the Upcoming Training Block?

In short, this is our goals for the upcoming training block:

  • Increase work capacity in Metcons and Strength
  • Learn and improve both new and old Gymnastic Skills

For Strength we will improve our work capacity by adding a little more Volume than usual. One way we´re doing this is by doing more heavy workouts. In those workouts it’s important that you back off the intensity a little and rather focus on perfect movement patterns. By doing more heavy amraps and EMOMs we will be able to collect more lifts and this will give us the capacity to later be able to handle heavy strength training that will follow this block

For our Conditioning you can look forward to more of those longer workouts like you have seen during the last weeks. If you´re an athlete that wants to build a motor this year you should prioritize those workouts during this block to be able to handle tougher interval training that you will see some of already during this block but primarily closer to the CrossFit Open.

When it comes to Gymnastic we will during this block do some new movements inspired from the CrossFit Games this year. Look forward to Parallel Box Walk+Box Dips, Wall Facing Handstand Push Ups (and progressions), Press to Handstand, Jump Rope Skill Sessions and some more. No matter what level you are at we will have a progression for you so don’t be afraid to show up to training even if you´re not familiar with all of the movements in the session of the day

One element that we will focus more on both on the daily wods and Post WOD is Core Compression Strength. Prepare for more Volume of V-Up, Toes to bar, L-sit than you´re used to. This strength is so important in gymnastics both if we want to get better at Toes to bar or if we want to learn a new skill like the Press to Handstand.

Wolfpack Training+Kriger Training

To make it more attractive for athletes that are doing a lot of Open Gym to visit class now and then we will during the fall try to include a workout from Kriger Training once or twice a week. This has been a wish from some of the boxes for a long time and we look forward to seeing how this works out. As always there will still be three levels on those workouts


If you have questions/feedback regarding the program or need advice for your own training you can always send us an email:


Magnus & Joakim