New Training block

The next week’s training marks a new training period for Wolfpack Training. We have just recently completed our strength cycle that brought out a number of new personal records in the lifts that were tested. We loved to hear the PR-bell from all of you!

Now it’s time for a new period. This period is a bit different from the normal strength-, olympic lifting-, and gymnastics period because of the summer break. In the summer, most of us (naturally) are on vacation, traveling, etc. This means that the training structure and consistency are a little different compared to the rest of the year. Based on this, the focus for this period is variation. There will not be a specific focus for the next 6 weeks. Instead, we will focus on keeping the physical capacity throughout the summer, so the comeback after vacation will be easier. 


We will of course lift heavy. To maintain fitness, we have to at least train the qualities once every week. We will see strength training in the first part for the workout of the day (WOD) 2-3 times a week. We will rotate between the main powerlifts (Back/Front Squat and Deadlift) and Olympic Lifting (Snatch and Clean & Jerk). Because of the variation in the period, we will also see variation in sets and reps, but with a form of progression from session to session. We have to do this because not all of us are on vacation or are traveling. This means that the members who are home, and are continuing their training structure, can make an effort to gain, or maintain their fitness also.

When it comes to the Snatch and Clean & Jerk, we will see a lot of complexes. This is a fun way to lift, and will also help us get in a lot of quality repetitions from different positions that can make the full lift better. 

During the 6 weeks, you will train each movement that we’ve been talking about three times in total.


It’s important to often remind members of Wolfpack Training the main goal for our community – To do our best to provide the members with good health. This means that even if the focus for the period is variation, we will always have 2-3 times a week where we focus on high intensity workouts (red days) which is really good for our aerobic capacity. Aerobic Capacity which correlates really well with good health (lower risk of diseases with higher Aerobic Capacity). It’s specially in the metcons you will see a lot of variation, but we will also have some structure so the content in metcons will build upon what we have done in the first part. For example, variation of lunges will complement Deadlift. And other leg exercises will complement squats.

Snatch and Clean & Jerk tech/prep – feedback

In our pre-wod, we are testing a new way to prepare us for the olympic lifts, but also to get more technical training in. We want to get your feedback from this new style. The way it will look is that before Snatch or Clean and Jerk days, there will be an EMOM which will prepare the body and nervous system technically to the main part in the WOD later on. What we are looking for from you, is feedback about the style, what you think about it, but also how it is to, in the worst case, warm up two times before Olympic lifting in the same day. It should be noticed that you will not need a long warm up for the pre-wod.