New Training Block:

After a block with more general training after the CrossFit Open it’s now time to get into a block with a more specific focus where our main focus will be to build strength in our main lifts like Squats, Deadlift and Press variations. You will see more barbells than usual in the workouts and there will be a higher frequency of strength as part A in workouts than usual.

As always our main focus is always health and in every workout there will be a conditioning piece with the chance of getting your heart rate up. Depending on how many times a week you train you might have to adjust the intensity on the workouts and this guide can help you with this:

If you train 2 times a week: Your goal should be to get your heart rate up and to push the intensity
If you train 3 times a week: 2 hard sessions and 1 session that is a little lighter.
If you train 4 times a week or more: Have 2-3 really hard sessions where the intensity is high and do the rest of the workouts at a lower intensity. 

The reason we don’t want to go at max intensity for every session is that we will probably not recover enough between sessions so the high intensity workouts will slowly go down in intensity. To help those of you that train often to go at the right intensity we always write in the lesson plan for the coaches what intensity that is intended and you can always ask your coach if this is not stated in the whiteboard talk.

Strength Block:

In the picture above you can see how the structure of the Strength Block is going to look like. On the daily WOD we will focus on high quality strength sessions where the weights are heavy and we often finish the last set with a max rep within safe technique to make sure we get enough intensity to get stronger. For the Pre WOD we will also have an emphasis on Strength and here we will rather focus on getting more volume in using comparable lighter weights for the most part.

If you miss a strength session you can always just move this to another day where you train to make sure you get every session in. Just be aware of not getting to long sessions where you feel like the quality goes down.

Murph Prep:

As every year we will do Murph during memorial day and for many of the members this is a goal every year. To help you manage the high volume of Pull ups and Push ups we will add Murph Prep on Pre and Post Wod every week. This will start in week 19 and have a frequency of 2 times a week where we gradually increase the volume. If you´re planning to do Murph with a weight vest you should wear it from the start of the progressions but be a little extra careful on the kipping Pull ups since there is a lot of extra stress in this movement when using a weight vest.

Good luck during the upcoming block. If you have any questions about the program and the way it looks you can always contact