Open 22.3

For time:
21 pull-ups
42 double-unders
21 thrusters (weight 1)
18 chest-to-bar pull-ups
36 double-unders
18 thrusters (weight 2)
15 bar muscle-ups
30 double-unders
15 thrusters (weight 3)

95 lb, then 115 lb, then 135 lb

Time cap: 12 minutes

Make sure you read the full workout description here:


Watch Kristin do the workout here: 

See Strategy video here:

The Strategy in this workout depends heavily on if you have Bar Muscle up or not.

1. If you don´t have the Bar Muscle Up yet you should go really hard on your first attempt trying to get as good a tie break as possible and then use the rest of the weekend to really focus on Bar Muscle Up progressions for your second attempt on monday.

2. If you have Bar Muscle Up, You want to get through the first two rounds fast but without compromising your ability to push in the the last round which will be the most time consuming.

So hold back a little in between movements and focus on saving your grip. Don´t be afraid to split up both the Thrusters and the Pull Up Movement.

A key for the first two rounds is to do the movements as effortlessly as possible. Work on your breathing rhythm on the Thruster where you breath out on the way up, and in on the way down.

Key point for the Double Unders is to be relaxed and breath. If you fail, take on extra breath before you start again.

In this workout you need mental toughness: Hold back enough during the first two rounds so that you still have some willpower for the last round. This is where you need a mental cue that works for you, and possibly friends that cheer you on a little extra.

Warm Up:

1, 5-10 min Optional Erg

Increase the tempo gradually and start to sweat

2, Mobility:
2 min Air Squat Hold
1-3 Rounds
10/10 Dynamic Couches Stretch
10 Dynamic Downward Dog
10 sec Superman
10 sec Hollow

3, Build up weights for Thrusters and prepare for the gymnastic movements

4, EMOM 6 min:
1, 20 Double Unders+8 Thrusters (increase weight every round)
2, R1: 8 Pull Ups. R2: 8 CTB Pull Ups. R3: 4-6 Bar Muscle Up

5, Row: (Start this 8 min before the workout)
30 sec on/30 sec off
increase pace every round, go for around 1000 m pace on the last interval

Buy Out OLY:
7 sets*3 Snatch Pull+3 Power Snatch

Focus for the Snatch Pull is to be as close as possible and build the correct movement pattern for the Snatch. Focus for the Power snatch is to get as much speed on the barbell as possible.

Use 70% of 1 RM Snatch Weight