Pre WOD:

Front Squats:
4 sets*3 Paused Front Squats

3 sec pause in the bottom of every rep

Start at 75% of 1 RM Front Squat and build up

Strict (Weighted) Pull Up Strength:
4 sets*5 rep (2RIR)

Use a weight where you could have done 2 more reps on every set



12 min Amrap:
12 Pull Ups
18 Wall Balls 9/6 kg
12 Toes to Bar
24 Air Squats

Rest 3 min

12 min Amrap:
36 Dumbbell Snatches 22.5/15 kg
48/36 Cal Row

Post WOD:

Body Building Saturday:
3-5 Rounds for quality:
12 DB Bench Press
15 DB Flyes
15 DB Skull Crushers