Open 22.2

Open 22.2
reps for time of:
Bar-facing burpees
♀ 155 lb/70 kg
♂ 225 lb/102 kg
Time cap: 10 minutes

Read the full workout descriptions and standards here:

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You can

Note this from the standard for burpees:
– You need to jump with both feet but no need for two foot take off.
– The center of the athlete’s chest must be on the line,
and the feet and hands must be straddling the line.
– Hands and feet must remain inside the width of the

– Regardless if you think you can complete the workout or if you think you will get capped it´s important to hold back a little from the start. Goal today is to have a faster second half than first half.

– Save your back!! Don´t be afraid to split the reps to let your back rest and also focus on a technique for both the deadlifts and the burpees that saves your back.
Deadlift: Keep a close loose grip to make your arms as long as possible so the range of motion will be shorter.
Burpees: A shorter step-in than usual can help to get less movement in the back.

– Mental Toughness: This workout will be really tough after about 5 minutes. Be ready for it and keep moving. For the last 2 minutes of the workout you need to push hard. Ask a friend to really cheer you on from minute 8 (or from the round of 7 on the way back).

– It can be hard to keep up with all the reps in this workout. Keep focus on what number you are on and ask your judge to tell you the number of reps you should do on every station.

Warm Up:
1, 5 min Row
Increase pace during the 5 minutes so that you´re breaking a sweat in the end.

2, Activation and Mobilization
3 sets for Quality:
10/10 Dynamic Single Leg Hamstring Stretch
15 Sec Hollow Hold
15/15 Sec Side Plank

3, Build up in weight for the deadlift: up to about 20-30 kg (45-65 lbs) more than your workout weight.

4, 2-3 Rounds:
10 Cal Row
6 Bar Facing Burpees
rest 30 sec

5, (Do this 8 min before start of the workout)
4 Deadlifts
4 Bar Facing Burpees
8 Deadlifts
8 Bar Facing Burpees

* With high volume deadlift we want to be careful about doing too many reps during the warm up. Build up and do the number of reps you feel that you need but not more than that.

Buy Out Accessorie Strength:

4 sets for quality:
12/12 Bulgarian Split Squats
12/12 Copenhagen Exercise
20/20 Sec Side Plank

Only do this if you got more energy and want to keep your strength during this period