Open 22.1

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
3 wall walks
12 dumbbell snatches
15 box jump-overs

50/35-lb dumbbell (22.5/15 kg), 24/20-in box

See full workout description and make sure you read the standards here:
See Kristin Holte doing the Workout here:


Set a goalpace and stick to your pace at least for the first half of the workout. If you got more in the tank. You should start to speed up after minute 8
Spend some time during the warm up to find the most efficient way to do every movement:

Wall Walks: Take Either 4 or 5 steps in and 3 or 4 steps out. If you´re going to rest, get up on your knees and shake your arms

Dumbbell Snatch: Focus on breathing rhythm and efficiency rather than speed. This should be your resting station

Box Jump Over: Try out different techniques during the warm up. Fastest way will be to land low and slide down but if your quads get taxed you could alter this with instead landing on straighter legs and breath a little extra when you standing tall on the box. Remember the standard: you need to STEP DOWN

Be ready for this workout to hurt the most between minutes 8-12, prepare a mental cue and ask your friends to cheer you on a little extra during these minutes.
Transitions: Especially between the Box Jump Over and Wall Walk you need to be tough with yourself and start the wall walk as soon as you´re done. Yes, your heart rate will be high, but it will come down during the reps.

Warm Up:

General Warm Up:

A, 5 min Row

Increase pace for every minute.

B, Stretch/Mobility Prep:
2-3 Rounds for quality:
10 Wrist Slides
10 Wrist Push Ups
5 Dynamic Downward Dog
10/10 Banded Hamstring Stretch
10/10 Dynamic Couches Stretch

C, Go through all the movements and find the most efficient and effortless way for you. See Strategy for different tips.

Specific Warm Up:

EMOM 6 min:
1, 6 Dumbbell Snatches+6 Box Jump Over
2, 1-3 Wall Walk (Find the perfect number of step in and out)

Do 1-2 testrounds where you try to find your optimal pace. Rememeber to take the time from Wall Walk until your back to the wall again to include the last transition

3 Rounds:
30 sec on/30 sec off
Bike Erg

Do this at a pace where your heart rate goes up but you don´t get to tired

Rest 5 min before starting the workout

Optional Squat Strength:

5 sets*8 Back Squats rir 2

Only do this if you got more energy and want to keep your strength during this period