Pre WOD:

Every 2 mins for 12 mins.

Hang Power Clean
E2MOM for 12 min:
3 Hang Power Clean
75% of 1 RM Power Clean

Focus on create as much speed as possible


Gymnastic Skill Efficiency
3 Rounds for max rounds and reps
Amrap 90 sec
6 CTB Pull up
6 Pistol Squats
rest 90 sec
Amrap 90 sec
Max Meter HS Walk (7.5 m)
/Max Wall Walk
rest 90 sec
Amrap 90 sec
SA DB Devil press 22.5/15 kg
rest 90 sec

Post WOD:

Shoulder Health:
3-5 Rounds:
60 Sec Front Rack Table Stretch
12 BTN Shoulder Slides
30-60 Sec Passive Supinated Hang