Pre WOD:

A, Fitness Level Benchmark: «Speed»
Row 250 meters for time

One effort for best possible time.

B, Handstand Walk Practice:
E2MOM for 12 min:
Level 3: 10 m HS Walk over Obstacle
Level 2: 5-10 m HS Walk
Level 1: 5 Attempts Handstand Walk to Wall

Choose a level that is a challenge for you


Teams of 3 Anaerobic intervals 1/2

30 min Amrap
3/3 SA Dumbbell Thrusters 1*22.5/15 kg
4 SA Alt DB Devil Press 1*22.5/15 kg
5 Goblet Hold Goblet Squats 1*22.5/15 kg

Partners work 1 min Each(1on/2 rest)

Post WOD:

Saturday Upper Body Building:
3-5 Rounds for quality:
8/8 DB Lateral Raises
12 DB Skull Crushers
24 Alt DB Bicep Curls