Pre WOD:

Every 2 mins for 16 mins, alternating between:
8/8 Bulgarian Split Squats (RIR 3)
12/12 Single Arm Dumbbell Press (RIR 3)

Focus on perfect movement rather than heavy weight


A, Power Snatch:
6 set*3 rep
70% of 1 RM

No TNG, Restart every rep

B, EMOM 12 min
Min 1: Max Rep Power Snatch 40/30 kg
Min 2: Max Double Unders
Min 3: rest

Post WOD:

15-10-5 reps, for time of:
Strict Handstand Push-up
Strict Pull-up

Adjust height up/down on HSPU and
Add Weight use a band on Pull Up in order
to not need to split in more than 3 sets on any of the sets
We will do this for 6 weeks and the goal is to use longer ROM