Pre WOD:

Row Zone 3 workout:
EMOM 20 min:
Min 1: Row for max meter Damper 10
Min 2: Row for max meter Damper 3

This is a workout to get some extra conditioning volume in. You can either do it as a Warm Up before the WOD or as a buy out together with the Post WOD.

The reason for different Damper setting is that rowing on Damper 10 helps us to work on creating more power in every pull while a lower damper setting let us work on the recovery in every pull.


A1, Back Squat : 2-2-2-ME at 90% 1RM
A2, Strict Handstand Push-ups : 5-5-5-ME

B, Amrap 12 min:
4 Strict Pull-ups
8 Back Squats, 60/40 kg
12 Hand Release Push-ups
Rest 30 secs

Post WOD:

EMOM 9 min:
5 Wall Slides
10 Cuban Rotations, 1.5/1 kg
10 Face Pulls

Focus on high quality movment.