Tarzan (Bodyweightprogram):

A, Styrka:
EMOM 9 min:
1, 8 Bulgarian Split Squat Jumps vänster ben
2, 8 Bulgarian Split Squat Jumps höger ben
3, 25 Glute Bridges

B, 10 min Amrap
10 Shoulder Taps
10 Plank Knee To Elbows
10 Box Step Up
10 Cossack Squat

– Fokus på jämnt tempo genom hela amrapen

Buzz Lightyear (Med DB/KB):

A, Styrka:
EMOM 9 min:

1, 10 Goblet Squat Tempo (31X0)
2, 15 DB/KB Swing
3, 8/8 DB Strict/Push Press

B, 10 min Amrap
5/5 SA DB Renegade Row
10 Plank Knee To Elbows
5/5 DB Hang Power Clean
5/5 DB Push Jerk

– Fokus på jämnt tempo genom hela amrapen

Privacy Preference Center

Senior Coach Level 2

Sondre Eriksrud

Sondre found CrossFit in 2014 when he was studying personal training with CrossFit in Sydney. After a 2-year break due to studies, he found the spark again when in 2016 he helped start CrossFit Elverum. He has since worked with training and health full time.

– Bachelor in sports with nutrition and health
– Personal trainer (Nord University)
– Rehab Trainer (AFPT)
– TRX Suspension Trainer
– CrossFit Level 1
– Trained Rescue Diver

Work experience:
– Coach at CrossFit Trondheim
– Martial arts instructor for Hadeland Martial Arts Club
– Personal trainer Gym 724
– Personal trainer Family Sports Club
– Headcoach and Weightlifting coach CrossFit Elverum
– Personal trainer and group instructor 3T Ilsvika, 3T Midtbyen and 3T Pirbadet

Senior Coach Level 1

Bjønn Nordjore

As a coach, Bjønn wants everyone to have a good training session and experience mastery regardless of level. He wants his clients to keep coming back and push new boundaries. He always wants to make his clients aware of the intention of the session so that they can get the stimulus that is intended.

Courses and certifications:
Personal trainer / Afpt
Dietitian / Afpt
Crossfit lvl 1

Work experience:
Played volleyball
Boxing for 3 years
Group instructor at Mudo in Skien

Senior Coach Level 1

Julia Gellein Vangen

Education, Courses and Certifications:
– Bachelor’s degree in psychology (thesis sports psychology)
– Year unit in pedagogy
– Annual unit in mental health
– Handball coach 1 and coach 2 courses
– CrossFit Level 1 trainer
– Studying PT, AFPT

Work Expirience:
– Top athlete since I was 15. played handball at the highest level in Norway for 10 years
– Handball coach and physical trainer for younger teams
– Head of Handball Academy
– Educational staff member for sports ASP
– Worked as an environmental therapist in housing and psychiatry for users with mental and physical challenges
– Coach Slagen CrossFit
– Coach CrossFit Oslo

Senior Coach Level 2

Leif Erik Gladstad

Leif Erik is both extravert and happy. His big passion is to share the feeling of achieving something and the enjoyment related to training. He has in the past been doing different sorts of sports on a competitive level, which includes swimming, martial arts and crossfit where he three times have competed at Crossfit Regionals with the team from Crossfit Oslo. He is an educated personal trainer from safe education and have also educated himself within Crossfit and weightlifting.

He offers online coaching, personal training sessions and mental training where his goal is your goal. Regardless, if this is to have a healthier body, achieve a sense of achievement or quicker progress. His vision is to help you become the best version of yourself, both physically and mentally.

Courses and Certifications:
– Personal trainer, Safe Education
– Crossfit Level 1 and 2.
– Crossfit Strongman
– Crossfit Weightlifting
– Coach level 1, Norges vektløfterforbund
– Raw mental training level 1

Senior Coach Level 2

Åsmund Thorbjørnsen

With over 10 years’ experience as a personal trainer Åsmund knows that not everything suits everyone. His main focus is therefore to facilitate the training so that each individual gets the best possible outcome and progress from the program. It should be challenging, but also fun. And more is not better, but better is better.

Course and Certifications:
– Sports physiology, NTNU
– Personlig trener, NIH
– Kosthold og trening, NIH
– Crossfit Level 1 Trainer
– Kettlebell Instructor, IKFF
– Rockdoc, Rocktape

– Athletics, Football and Bandy.

Senior Coach Level 1

Henning Evju

As a coach Henning finds it important that the program he plans is tailored to meet each athletes need and desires, regardless of level. He believes that a well-planned program with focus on high quality, from start to finish outcompetes a program with high volume which is less planned, every time. This applies even if you are a high-level athlete or a beginner.

For Henning it is also important that the athletes understand the intention of the workout, so they achieve the correct stimuli, and thus increase the effect of the workout. It doesn’t have to be fancy in order to be efficient.

Course and Certifications:
– Bachelor, Subject teacher gym, Norges idrettshøyskole
– MSc, Sports Sience, Norges idrettshøyskole
– CrossFit Level 1

– Background from football and cross country skiing I many years
– Crossfit (5 years)

Senior Coach Level 2

Kristian Ruud

Kristian is genuinely interested in helping others achieve their goals. This includes learning your first pull-up to competing at a high level in your sport.

It is in his opinion that everyone can do Crossfit. Working out is all about having fun, and that you have a coach in which you can rely on to get you through the periods were training is less enjoyable and seems hard.

Courses and Certifications:
– Sports instructor, MIT (Militart training)
– Crossfit Level 1

Work Expirience:
– Sports instructor, Madla military camp
– PT – Instructor, Thon Active Hallingdal
– Senior Coach, Crossfit Oslo

Senior Coach Level 1

Hedda Torp Nygård

Hedda is both coach and PT at Crossfit Oslo. She has always been physical active and been doing different types of sports. She started with Crossfit in 2019, and finally she had found a sport which included different type of physical and mental challenges. Today she competes in both CrossFit and weightlifting.

Hedda is also extremely passionate about helping others develop both physically and mentally trough CrossFit. It is in her opinion that this type of training gives you more than just the sense of achieving something at the gym, but also a confidence which you can use in your everyday life.

Courses and Certifications:
– Personal trainer, AFPT
– Functional Fitness Trainer, AFPT
– Kettelbell Fitness instructor, Level 1
– In the process of doing a Bachelor in coaching and sports psychology at Norges Idrettshøyskole

Work Expirience:
– Coach at CrossFit Oslo
– PT and Group instructor at Family Sports Club
– Handball coach for J-08

Senior Coach Level 1

Jonas Haakenstad

Jonas finds it important to view every athlete as a human being. His main focus in his programming is therefore to make the programming fit both their training level and their daily life. His previous experience has thought him that close communication with the athletes is the key determinant to ensure good and injury free progress.

It is also important the training should be fun, and that you feel a sense of achievement while doing it. Therefore, he often includes exercise where the athlete needs to improve with exercises that the athlete already finds easy.

– Bachelor, Sports Sience, Norges idrettshøyskole

– Strengthtraining (10 years)
– Football (8 years)
– CrossFit / Weightlifting (4 years)

Senior Coach Level 1

Gaute Engebretsen

As a coach Gaute wishes to focus and movement and the transfer of power in CrossFit’s different modalities. For him as a coach it is important that you both learn and master new skills which makes you develop in your CrossFit journey, at your own level. CrossFit-Community-Skills is what Gaute finds important as a coach. If you are a Master athlete which needs a bit of extra focus on your training, which takes all the challenges in life into account should you contact this guy.

Courses and Certifications:
– CrossFit level 1
– Eleiko Weightlifting level 2

Previous sports:
– Athletics, coach and athlete
– American Football, coach and athlete
– Triathlon, athlete
– Streetrace, athlete
– Crossfit (10y), athlete and coach

Senior Coach Level 2

Magnus Haugan

Magnus values the opportunity to help others achieve the sense of achieving something and help people develop. Regardless of its better conditioning, increase strength, more explosiveness or trough learning new skills. With a special attention to optimizing performance, he gained and early interest of understanding what’s behind optimal performance, what limit its and how to influence it.

Education, Courses and Certifications:
– MSc, Physical performance – Norges idrettshøyskole (2019-2021)
– B.sc Sports biology – Norges Idrettshøyskole
– Crossfit Level 1

Work Expirience:
– Coach and PT at Crossfit Oslo
– Testleader at the Crossfit-Lab
– Coach at Crossfit Monolitten
– Coach and box-programming Crossfit Molde
– Phyiscal Trainer, Molde Football club (work placement)

Senior Coach Level 2

Helene Vabo Thorsen

Helene is a coach, mental coach and personal trainer. She has worked in the training industry since 2005. She loves to contribute to the creation of more healthy and stronger people. Her vision is to “inspire others to do what they are inspired of”.

Helene has specialized in training in and post pregnancy, cancer treatment, weightlifting and gymnastics. She enjoys a varied base of clients, which includes beginners to the more advanced athletes. She thrives on group sessions, where you can take advantage of the group dynamic and the positive effects which it gives.

Courses and certifications:
– Educated personal trainer and nutritionist from Norges idrettshøyskole (2008)
– Certified Mental trainer level 2, Raw (2019)
– Certified Mammamagetrener, Mammamage AB (2019)
– Crossfit Level 2 (2018)
– Crossfit Gymnastis (2018)
– Crossfit Strongman (2016)
– Mental trainer, Raw (2014)
– Crossfit Level 1 (2014)
– Eleiko strength coach level 1-3 (2014-2016)

Work experience:
– 2016 – present: Personal trainer/coach, Self-employed/ Crossfit Oslo, and in my own homegym
– 2014-2016: Reebok Les Mills Nordic Trainer
– 2013-2016: Sats Nordic Trainer Team (Courses for instructors and recruitment of new personal trainers)
– 2012-2015: Lecturer PT, HiO
– 2011: Head of PT, Sats Storo
– 2005-2016: Personal trainer and instructor, Sats
– 2006-2008: Instructor at SiO Athletica

Manager / Senior Coach Level 2

Espen Johnsen

Espen started CrossFit back in 2017 after growing tired of traditional strength training at commercial gyms. He immediately fell in love with CrossFit due to its unique training style and well known community.

Today Espen has coached around 5000+ individual training sessions and group classes, he has also programmed for National level athletes. He’s approach to training is to keep things simple, to train hard and to develop over time in order to benefit the most from your training. Today he works as a Manager for CrossFit Kvadraturen, CrossFit Vaagsbygd and Wolfpack Training.

Education and Certifications:
– MsC, Phyiscal Performance – Univeristy of Agder (2018-2020)
– BsC, Sports and Exercise Rehabilitation, Middlesex University, London Sports Institute (2014-2017)
– Crossfit Level 1
– Personal Trainer Level 2
– Fitness Instructor Level 2

Work Experience:
– Coach, Personal Trainer CrossFit Kvadraturen (2017 – d.d)
– Physical Trainer, IK Start (2021)
– Therapist and S&C coach, Leyton Orient Football Club, Academy (2016-2017)
– Fitness Instructor, Middlesex University (2016-2017)

Senior Coach Level 2

Raymond Paldanius

Raymond has worked as a coach at Crossfit Oslo since 2013. He finds great happiness in helping people achieve their goals. Whats most important for him is to meet people at their level, and from there work in a way which is both smart and fun in order to progress in your training.

Courses and Certifications:
– Crossfit Level 1 and 2
– Crossfit – Gymnastics
– Crossfit – Strongman
– Crossfit – Weightlifting
– Crossfit – Competitors course
– Eleiko strength coach Level 1,2 and 3
– Online PT course by Børge fagerli and Menno Henselmans
– FMS – Functional movement screening

Nutrition counselor

Ragnhild Seim

Ragnhild is an educated nutritional counselor and personal trainer. She has more than five years of experience as a nutritional counselor, both online and in person. The goal of the nutritional counselling is to provide the customer with enough knowledge and enable them to do good choice once on their own. Together she wants to create a new lifestyle which is enduring for a long period of time. Ragnhild is passionate about creating a sence of achievement, spread enjoyment around food and knowledge about a nitrous diet.

– Nutrition counselor – Active education
– Personal trainer – AFPT
– 1 year study Applied Fitness Australian College of Physical Education

Nutrition counselor

Yngvild Frivold

Yngvild is a nutritional counselor at CrossFit Oslo and have trained CrossFit since 2017. As a Nutritional counselor Yngvild wishes to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle, which in turn leads to increased life value, health, and performance both in training and everyday life. The goal is to find a diet which is sustainable and adapted to your own body.

– First year student, masters degree Public nutrition
– Bachelor, Public nutrition
– Bachelor, dance and education

Senior Coach Level 2

Joakim Rygh

Joakim started coaching crossfit back in 2010, and have since then completed close to 10,000 hours of coaching. Hes biggest drive in coaching and programming is the thought that one should have progress which gives confidence both in training and outside training.

Courses and Certifications:
– Crossfit Level 1 + 2
– Eleiko Strength Coach Lev 1 + 2
– Personal trainer MF Hælseoutbildingar

Work Expirience:
– 2015 – 2020: PT and Coach Crossfit Oslo
– 2010 – 2014 PT and Coach Crossfit Mariestad

Senior Coach Level 2

Marian Johnsen

Marian is both coach and PT at Crossfit Oslo. She tried her first Crossfit workout in 2016 and enjoyed it immediately. Her big passion is to work towards that people achieve and find the same enjoyment and feeling of achieving something trough Crossfit as she has. Togheter with you she will dedicate herself towards you achieving your goals

Courses and Certifications:
– Eleiko Strength course
– Trainer course within weightlifting

Work experience:
– PT and Coach at Crossfit Oslo
– PT and Coach at SiO Athletica
– PT and Coach at Crossfit Mjøsa